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WC43, ½ ton truck, 1942, T215 Telephone Installation (Maintenance) without winch (370 built)
The telephone body was assembled from plain steel frame members and galvanized sheet steel; corrugated panels were used under the roof to provide additional strength, as men were required to climb onto the roof.


wheelbase m
length m
height m
with m
payload kg
road clearance m

6 Volt electrics
Carburettor: ?
Gearbox: 4 speed + back
Single speed transfer box with front axle disconnect
Clutch: dry plate
Hydraulic brakes
Rigid axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs
Axle gear ratio: 4,89 : 1

Maximum trailed load (road/cross country): 1000 lb (WC12)
Maximal speed: 55 mph (WC12)
Tyres: 7,50x16 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 25 gallon


T215: own T215 output 99hp/3000rpm, 145 ft.-lbs. torque at 1400 RPM
Straight 6 - cyl SV, 230,2 cid
Bore = 3 1/4"
Stroke = 4 5/8"
Compression ratio = 6.7 to 1
Compression ratio: ? : 1

Designed and built by the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation in Mound Park Michigan, 1942.