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Wheels and Axes

We then decided to overhaul the brakes which were completely stuck due to all the sand. However, the bolts could be loosened quite easily enabling us to replace the brake fittings and pipes. The brake shoes and drums were still in a good state of repair and could be fitted again after being cleaned.

The next job was dismantling the springs to get them going again. After 64 years everything had got completely stuck and any kind of spring action was completely out of the question. But now that they have been overhauled and greased with anti-seize compound, these springs will continue to last us for quite a number of years. After installing them again, we applied a fresh layer of paint - army green looks good on all of us! The axles and the differential gear were also properly cleaned and inspected. All gears were found to be still in a good state and were fitted back with some new gaskets.

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