Dodge WC

A Dutch site on Wiki dedicated to WW2 Dodges.
Gordens New Dodge forum
Old forum
French Dodge WC form
Guido WC64 Ambulance site (tip!)
Dennis WC54 Ambulance site 
Site about the WC-56,57, and 58
This Rusian site gives an overview of WW2 Dodges
French site with great pics!
Manuals and books
CD with 18 manuals for Dodge trucks
Dodge trucks in the UK
3D pictures of a WC51
World War 2 with all Allied Wheeled Vehicles
Lots of detailed pictures of different WC trucks


Dutch reenacting group
Living History group '40-45 from Wheels
Signal Corps US Army Signal Corps Display Group

VeHIcle SITES & clubs

Museum of rolling military vehicles (1940-1975)
Keep Them Rolling WWII military vehicles
Santa Fe Dutch vehicle club with great stuff and event
War horses Military vehicles older then 25 years
AVC Army Vehicle Club Internetclub for military vehicles of all ages
De Groene Soos  
1/4-Ton Trailers Brian's Military Jeeps pages incl. K-38 Linesman Trailer

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